Strenco Tactical Training Dog Vest Harness

Dog Training Vest for Hiking

As a dog owner, you should understand that attempting to train your dog would be anything, but easy. A dog vest can help tremendously. Vests are capable of calming the dog, while also giving you a little additional control over your furry friend. This is where the Strenco Tactical Training Vest enters the picture. This tactical training vest is well constructed, very durable and available in an array of different colors and sizes. Regardless of your individualistic needs, you can rest assured knowing the Strenco Dog Vest Harness will look great, fit well and give you a helping hand in terms of training your dog.

An Array Of Beautiful Colors

When attempting to find a dog vest for your pooch, you’ll want to make sure to opt for an adorable color that will mesh well with your dog’s fur. Of course, if you plan on taking the dog hunting and utilizing him or her to retrieve your prey, you’ll want to opt for something in camouflage. With Strenco, you can guarantee you’ll be able to find a beautiful stylish, which satisfies each and every one of your desires. This heavy-duty nylon vest is available in brown, camouflage, green and black.

A Size For Every Dog

Dogs truly come in an abundance of different shapes, styles and more importantly sizes. In order for your vest to be suitable for your furry friend, it needs to fit him or her to perfection! Oftentimes, vests are available in a few sizes, but none of them cater specifically to your dog’s unique size. The Strenco Tactical Vest excels. It is available in four individualistic sizes, including small, medium, large, and extra large.

It doesn’t stop there either!

The vest is designed with adjustable straps. The straps can be utilized to tightly secure the vest around your dog’s body. This will prevent the vest from shifting about, while guaranteeing your companion will be able to maintain fully mobility.

Hook and Loop Backing

The incredibly durable and immensely stylish Strenco Tactical Training Vest is fitted with a Velcro-style backing. This portion of the vest is designed to hold patches and other Velcro fitted items and associated. Consumers will be able to let their imaginations run wild and transform their dog’s vest into something unique, with hook and loop patches. An array of patches is available from Strenco.

Durable Construction

K-9 tactical gear must be able to endure the test of time, since it is going to be going through a lot of training courses. The Strenco vest is constructed out of very durable nylon 1000D material, which says everything about its ability to endure harsh training environments. The high strength plastic clasps are designed to provide a secure and snug fit that will not loosen, even after hours of training.

Breathable Materials

In order to prevent your dog from becoming overheated, while training, you will need to provide it with plenty of fresh water and a breathable tactical vest. The 1000D material is designed to provide adequate ventilation, keeping your K-9’s chest and back cooler than other materials. This material is also waterproof, so it will not become sodden with environmental moisture, when training outdoors in the woods or rain.

  • Nylon 1000D
  • Molle Adapter
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Hook and Loop Backing
  • Breathable Mesh
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